Anti-Obama mood hurts Dems in Arkansas Senate race


GILLETT, Ark. (AP) — It's voters like Jammy Turner who give Republicans hope of ending an Arkansas political dynasty and taking control of the U.S. Senate this fall.

Turner says he respects the Democratic incumbent, Mark Pryor, who wants a third term. But Turner supports Republican Tom Cotton, a freshman congressman.

Cotton tells voters that Pryor's association with President Barack Obama makes him the wrong senator for Arkansas.

Pryor portrays himself as an Arkansan more than a "national Democrat." He sidesteps Obama, instead of criticizing him.

Arkansas lagged behind other Southern states in shifting toward the GOP. But Republicans racked up huge victories in the past two elections.

Democrat Blanche Lincoln lost big when she sought a third Senate term four years ago.

The Pryor-Cotton race will signal how far Arkansas' realignment will go.

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