Snyder, Jock put dark spin on 'Wytches' with Image


Scott Snyder has tackled vampires and creatures from the deep, casting aside their modern portrayals as benevolent, misunderstood and even kindly and restoring them to their origins as dark, foreboding and evil.

In "Wytches," his new series for Image Comics, he's going after spell casters and enchantresses. The creator-owned title is due out in September.

Snyder says he and artist Jock are stripping away ideas of witches in popular culture — cauldrons, spells, Samantha, Sabrina and other charmed aspects — and going back to the roots of legend and folklore.

Snyder says they're making witches "scarier than you can imagine," creating "something more ancient ... out there, lurking in the woods."

As to the 'Y' in the title, Snyder says it provides a sense of unfamiliarity and a linguistic twist.


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