Ohio trooper praised for arrest of man with bombs

LONDON, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper is being praised for his actions in a traffic stop that led to the arrest of a man with bombs and other weapons in his vehicle.

Trooper William Scott Davis reported stopping a vehicle for going 85 in a 70-mph zone late Jan. 1. He said 43-year-old driver Andrew Scott Boguslawski told him he didn't have weapons, but Davis later spotted the butt of gun tucked between his legs.

Davis then held Boguslawski at gunpoint and called for backup, leading to a search police say recovered 48 explosives, four guns, and a remote detonation device. A commander calls it "a great stop."

The Indiana National Guardsman being held in Madison County on $1 million bond indicated to troopers he had items for training purposes.

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