Mental health, not guns, highlighted by governor

DENVER (AP) — A year after calling for gun control, Gov. John Hickenlooper says the focus should be no mental health.

The Democratic governor is making his annual address to lawmakers Wednesday. He cites last month's shooting at Arapahoe High School, and the shooting death last year of the head of the state Department of Corrections.

Hickenlooper says mental health efforts have been "overlooked" in the state's gun debate. A year ago Hickenlooper suggested expanded background checks for gun purchases.

Hickenlooper went on to sign a background check bill, plus a 15-round limit on ammunition magazines. Since then, two Democratic state senators have been recalled and a third resigned over the gun package.

This year, Hickenlooper says "guns are only a piece of the puzzle," He touted $34 million in mental health spending.

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