President Barack Obama's Hawaii vacation: Day 15

KAILUA, Hawaii (AP) — How President Barack Obama spent Day 15 of his holiday vacation in Hawaii on Saturday:

— WEEKLY ADDRESS: Obama used his weekly radio and Internet address to urge Congress to reinstate job benefits for more than 1 million Americans. The president said failing to do so will cause the economy to slow.

A Senate proposal would extend the benefits for three months. Obama says he will sign it if it passes.

— HIKING: Obama and his wife went on a brief morning hike Saturday, visiting a popular trail near their Kailua vacation home that overlooks the ocean.

— GOLF: The president played one last round of golf at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, having hit the links frequently during his trip.

— DEPARTURE: Obama and the first family were expected to depart Honolulu on Saturday night to go back to Washington.

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