Iconic Polaris lounge to rejoin Atlanta skyline


ATLANTA (AP) — The landmark blue dome that once dominated Atlanta's skyline will soon reopen, nearly half a century after it was built.

When the Polaris lounge opened in 1967, its futuristic flying-saucer shape and prominence atop what was then the city's tallest hotel made it instantly recognizable in postcards. Its blue bubble-shaped top lit up the sky, and it drew visitors from miles around.

Hyatt Regency Atlanta marketing manager Walter Woods says the Polaris was an Atlanta symbol for people throughout the country, and "we want that to be the case again."

The structure has been vacant since 2004, but the hotel is refurbishing it and adding a bar that rotates for a panoramic view.

Hotel General Manager Peter McMahon says the plan is to reopen the Polaris sometime in March.

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