Chinese cartoon producer blamed after kids burned

BEIJING (AP) — State media say a Chinese court has ruled the producer of a hit kids cartoon is partly to blame for the injuries suffered by two children when their friend tied them to a tree and set them on fire in an imitation of a scene from the show.

Xinhua News Agency says two young brothers from eastern Jiangsu province were badly burned in April by the actions of their 10-year-old friend. The boy said he was copying a scene from "Xi Yangyang & Hui Tailang," which translates as "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf."

The 7-year-old victim suffered 80 percent burns to his body and his 4-year-old brother 40 percent.

Xinhua said the legal guardians of the 10-year-old and the Guangzhou-based producer, Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd., are responsible.

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