FBI seeks help in California bombing case

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The FBI is again asking for the public's help in finding an animal rights activist wanted in the 2003 bombings at two corporate offices in Northern California.

Daniel San Diego was the first suspected domestic terrorist added to the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist List in April 2009. He is charged with planting two bombs that exploded about an hour apart in the wee hours of Aug. 28, 2003. The blasts happened on the campus of a biotechnology company in Emeryville, Calif. A second bomb went off at a nutritional products company in Pleasanton, Calif., a month later. Neither bombing injured anyone.

A group calling itself Revolutionary Cells-Animal Liberation Brigade claimed responsibility for the bombings.

The FBI had San Diego under around-the-clock surveillance when investigators watched him park his car near downtown San Francisco on the afternoon of Oct. 6, 2003, and disappear into a transit station. The FBI hasn't seen him since.

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