O'Neal lawyers rest case over portrait by Warhol

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Ryan O'Neal's attorneys have concluded their defense of the actor in a lawsuit aimed at making him relinquish an Andy Warhol portrait of Farrah Fawcett that he says he has owned since 1980.

The actor's case ended Thursday with brief testimony from his son, Redmond O'Neal, and a chiropractor who watched Fawcett work on sculptures.

Closing arguments are expected Friday.

The University of Texas at Austin is suing O'Neal to gain a silkscreen portrait of the actress created by Warhol for a television special.

The lawsuit claims Fawcett left all her artwork to her alma mater and that O'Neal improperly took the artwork out of her condominium days after her death in 2009.

O'Neal says he had permission from the trustee of Fawcett's estate to remove the portrait.

Warhol created two portraits of Fawcett and the university was given one after her death.

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