For Iron Man, fabled foe melds myth, magic


As if mythical Dark Elves from Svartalfheim (SVAHR'-tul-fym) weren't enough of a test for Tony Stark, the armor-clad Avenger is poised to find himself in the middle of a dimensional caper while having to match wits with a fabled arch-nemesis, the Mandarin, and his so-called rings of power.

The new arc for Marvel Entertainment's ongoing "Iron Man" series starts with issue No. 23. Writer Kieron Gillen says the five-part story melds a culture clash pitting magic, modern technology and fairy-inspired legend and lore.

Underlying it all is Stark still coming to grips over the revelations of his being adopted while maintaining his public aura of brains and bravado.

Gillen says it's an "interesting culture clash."

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