Ariz. Gov. Brewer orders new child welfare inquiry


PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has announced a second outside review of the state's child welfare agency to ensure that thousands of child abuse and neglect reports that were closed without being investigated are properly handled.

Brewer announced Monday that she appointed the head of the state's juvenile corrections department to lead the investigation. The team also includes child advocates, two state lawmakers, a retired police chief and a prosecutor.

Arizona Child Protective Services investigators discovered the practice of closing reports phoned into a child abuse hotline in August and has now identified 6,550 cases that weren't investigated. Most of those happened in the past 20 months.

State police are also investigating.

There have been calls for the agency's director to step down, but Brewer defended him, while angrily saying, "We're not going to tolerate" these failures.

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