World powers set for new round of Iran nuke talks

GENEVA (AP) — A deal regarding Iran's nuclear program continues to elude negotiators in Geneva.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius (loh-RAHN' FAH'-bee-yus) says world powers remain split on the terms because of differences on ways to reduce Tehran's ability to make atomic weapons using plutonium and enriched uranium. His comments were the first to provide some specifics on the obstacles at Geneva talks, now in their third day.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and counterparts from Britain, France and Germany consulted today in the Swiss city on how to resolve the obstacles.

Any agreement would be a breakthrough after nearly a decade of mostly inconclusive talks, but would only be the start of a long process to reduce Iran's potential ability to produce nuclear arms, with no guarantee of ultimate success. The carrot for Iran is a gradual rollback of sanctions.

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