Rallying motorcyclists pull over, beat driver of SUV after encounter on NYC highway

NEW YORK (AP) — New York police say a biker taking part in an unauthorized motorcycle rally last weekend may be paralyzed after being run over by an SUV in a violent confrontation that left another biker and the driver of the SUV with injuries.

The incident began Sunday afternoon as hundreds of motorcycles paraded along Manhattan's West Side Highway. The event took a frightening turn when a group of riders surrounded a man driving with his family in the SUV, then chased the vehicle for miles after he plowed through a blockade of motorcycles.

Parts of the incident were captured by a helmet-mounted video camera worn by one of the bikers. It shows the chase ending after the SUV exited the highway and got stuck in street traffic. One biker can be seen bashing in the driver's window with his helmet. Police say the group then pulled the man out of the SUV and beat him.

Police have filed reckless endangerment charges against the biker accused of instigating the assault and detained a second suspect today, though he has not been charged yet. Police say two more bikers involved in the chase are wanted for assault.

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257-w-33-(Warren Levinson, AP correspondent, with New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly)--A motorcycle assault captured on a horrifying video is leading to arrests in New York City. AP correspondent Warren Levinson reports. (1 Oct 2013)

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259-a-14-(New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, with reporters)-"strong enforcement action"-New York police commissioner Ray Kelly says the bikers were part of a much larger disorderly group. (1 Oct 2013)

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258-a-12-(New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, with reporters)-"in the assault"-New York police commissioner Ray Kelly says one biker has been arrested so far. ((longer version of cut in wrap)) ((note audio quality)) (1 Oct 2013)

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260-a-14-(New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, with reporters)-"issued 68 summonses"-New York police commissioner Ray Kelly says the large group of motorcyclists created havoc apart from the incident on the highway. (1 Oct 2013)

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APPHOTO NY117: In this frame grab from video provided by the New York Police Department, motorcyclists ride alongside a sport utility vehicle, Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013, in New York. Police say that a man driving with his family along a New York City highway was attacked and beaten by a large group of motorcyclists who first surrounded his sport utility vehicle and stopped it on the road, then chased him for miles after he plowed through the blockade of bikes in an attempt to escape. (AP Photo/New York Police Department) (1 Oct 2013)

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