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OKLAHOMA CITY — The idea seemed ambitious yet smart: build a sprawling multimillion-dollar museum in Oklahoma's capital city to pay homage to the state's 39 federally recognized tribes. Not only would the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum attract Oklahomans eager to learn about the people and events that shaped the state, but tourists from around the world fascinated by Native American culture would travel to the Smithsonian-quality museum — conveniently located at the confluence of two major interstates— and pump in millions, possibly billions, into the local economy. But two decades after the idea was proposed and seven years after the land was blessed by tribes and construction started, the $170-million American Indian Cultural Center and Museum sits half-finished along Interstates 35 and 40. By Kristi Eaton. AP Photos.

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TULSA, Okla. — Developers say they're planning to rebuild folk singer Woody Guthrie's boyhood home in Okemah.

The announcement comes after decades of bitterness toward Guthrie over his perceived leftist politics in town and in Oklahoma. The dilapidated home — called London House — was ordered demolished by the town's city council in the late 1970s. But the wood taken from the tear-down was salvaged in hopes residents would eventually realize Guthrie's significance. By Justin Juozapavicius. AP Photos.


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TULSA, Okla. — The University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine Bedlam Clinics are marking their 10th year this month, and officials estimate that they have saved the community nearly $30 million by helping patients avoid the emergency room. The program started in response to job losses in the Tulsa area after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The Bedlam Evening Clinic opened in late August 2003 to offer health care for the uninsured at no charge. By Shannon Muchmore.


CHICKASHA, Okla. — Eddie Adamson, Chickasha Chief of Police, has had some adventures. He missed a bullet by a mechanical fluke, worked with the Clintons and was interviewed by the BBC on the night of his high school prom. By Jessica Lane.

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ANADARKO, Okla. — Josh Klinglesmith is putting his years of skateboarding experience to use to help Anadarko children. The Caddo County resident started skateboarding when he was 10 years old and continued to improve his craft throughout his teens. After taking some time off, he got back into the sport, but finds he can't practice as much as he used to. By Josh Rouse.


ENID, Okla. — The contents of a time capsule found recently inside the cornerstone of the old Garfield Elementary School provides a peek at life in Enid in late 1919. No one was expecting to find a time capsule in the cornerstone, which had been moved to the district maintenance building as the school was being demolished. By Phyllis Zorn.

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