SLU defends Chinese malaria research

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Saint Louis University is vigorously defending a research partnership with a Chinese scientist whose work on a study that intentionally infected AIDS patients with malaria was roundly condemned by public health experts.

The university's Center for World Health and Medicine has worked with China's Guangzhou (GWANG-zoo) Institutes of Biomedicine and Health since 2011 to develop anti-malaria drugs. The drugs are tested on mice.

The government-backed lab is overseen by Dr. Xiaoping (SHOW-ping) Chen, who previously collaborated with Dr. Henry Heimlich on the anti-malaria drug study.

SLU told Heinrich's son, Peter, that the Chinese doctor's past work is not relevant to the current collaboration. Peter Heinrich is vocal critic of his father, whom he says exaggerated his role in developing the Heimlich maneuver to stop choking.

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