Could Spitzer drag down Weiner's NYC mayoral run?


NEW YORK (AP) — Eliot Spitzer's return to New York City's politics threatens the gains made in the mayoral race by another scandal-scarred candidate: Anthony Weiner.

Pundits believe the former governor's last-minute bid for city controller will not only take media attention away from Weiner, but it will also lump the former congressman back into the conversation about a scandal he has worked so hard to escape.

Weiner has become a top mayoral contender and largely moved on from apologizing to voters about his 2011 sexting scandal. But it is being brought up again with discussion of Spitzer's 2008 resignation after admitting he paid for sex with prostitutes.

One pundit questions whether New York has "enough forgiveness" to go around. Both Weiner and Spitzer have little support from fellow Democrats and will be forced to run lean, media-heavy campaigns.

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