Avery*Sunshine set for Essence Festival debut


NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Avery(asterisk)Sunshine may be a new voice to some, but the 38-year-old Atlanta artist hopes new fans will be saying her name after her debut performance at the Essence Festival.

Her self-titled first project was released in 2010. Three years later, its singles "Ugly Side of Me," ''All in My Head" and "Blessin Me" have gained a strong following and heavy radio play.

Avery(asterisk)Sunshine's real name is Denise White. She says her music journey has been "one fan, one show, one tweet at a time."

She says getting to the Essence Festival is a big deal. She notes that most of the country has never heard her material, so snagging an invitation to one of R&B's biggest platforms is phenomenal.

Avery(asterisk)Sunshine opens the Coca-Cola Superlounge in the Superdome at 7 p.m. Saturday.

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