Senate leaders voice opposing views on immigration measure

WASHINGTON (AP) — Although the Senate is poised to approve a historic immigration measure today, the disagreements on the issue are still clear.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on the Senate floor today that the bill is "landmark legislation that will secure our borders and help 11 million people get right with the law."

But Republican leader Mitch McConnell responded, "This bill may pass the Senate today, but not with my vote." And he predicted that it won't become law in its current form.

The outlook in the House is uncertain. Many House conservatives oppose the pathway to citizenship that's at the center of the Senate bill. And many of them prefer a piecemeal approach, rather than a sweeping bill like the one the Senate is producing.

A series of test votes in the Senate demonstrated that supporters have a bipartisan majority of well over the 60 votes needed to secure passage there.

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