Ark. Sen. Pryor hit from right, left before 2014


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — The conservative Club for Growth calls Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor President Barack Obama's "closest ally" in Arkansas.

At the same time, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's gun-control advocacy group says Pryor "let us down."

Pryor's re-election race is 17 months away, but already he's taking hits from the right and the left. That's forcing the second-term senator to aggressively defend himself and step into re-election mode sooner than planned, even though he has no Republican opponent.

Republicans are trying to unseat Pryor and three other Democrats in states that Republican Mitt Romney won in the 2012 presidential race: Alaska's Mark Begich, North Carolina's Kay Hagan and Louisiana's Mary Landrieu.

Democrats need to defend 21 seats, including seven in largely rural states that Obama lost last fall.

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