Body of Ohio man to be exhumed again amid dispute

FREMONT, Ohio (AP) — A coroner in northern Ohio is planning to again exhume the body of a 19-year-old who died from a gunshot wound just over a year ago.

Authorities in Sandusky County are investigating how Jacob Limberios (lihm-BEER'-ee-ohs) died. The county coroner ruled the death a suicide last year but also said the teen might not have known the gun was loaded.

His parents are fighting the ruling and hired their own forensic pathologist to do an autopsy. He concluded the death was a homicide after the teen's body was exhumed last fall.

A judge on Tuesday ruled that he would not stand in the way of plans to exhume the body for a second time. The parents' lawyer says they don't want the exhumation to happen.

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