Improv-heavy 'Drinking Buddies' premieres at SXSW


AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — "Drinking Buddies" is a comedy about blurring the line between work friendship and budding romance.

And when you work in a brewery — and partake of as much of your product as you can — that line can get even blurrier.

Writer and director Joe Swanberg premiered the movie Saturday night at the South By Southwest film festival.

Known for indie flicks with often minuscule budgets, he's bringing his eighth film to the Austin gathering. But it's also easily the biggest production, with a cast featuring Olivia Wilde, Anna Kendrick, Jake Johnson and Ron Livingston.

Swanberg said he didn't feel extra pressure despite the more-lavish production.

While the plot was scripted, Swanberg had the actors improvise their dialogue so that the audience can "see real people coming through."

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