Police: Maine Zumba defendant deleted emails

ALFRED, Maine (AP) — A police computer expert says a Maine man charged with promoting prostitution deleted his email a day after investigators raided his mistress' Zumba dance studio, office and home.

Frederick Williams from the Saco Police Department told jurors Monday that he found spreadsheets, tax documents and snapshots from video chats on defendant Mark Strong's computer.

Strong, a Thomaston insurance agent, is on trial for 13 counts related to promotion of prostitution. Fitness instructor Alexis Wright will be tried later. Both have pleaded not guilty.

Jurors weren't told Strong's computer contained sexually explicit images of Wright. Prosecutors say they're snapshots of her engaging in prostitution. The defense says the evidence is prejudicial and that possessing pornography isn't a crime.

The judge didn't immediately rule on whether photos can be shown to jurors.

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