Plea deal for Utah homeowner who shot at burglar

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah man who was arrested for shooting at suspected burglars as they fled from his property is expected to take a plea deal this afternoon.

Prosecutors say they've settled on the parameters of a deal with the attorneys for Clare Niederhauser.

Layton police arrested him on Jan. 31 on suspicion of two counts of reckless endangerment. He had come home to find a man leaving his house with a crowbar and a car parked in his driveway. He detained the man at gunpoint and called 911, but the man fled as police arrived. Police say that's when Niederhauser fired one shot in his direction. He had also fired once at the car as it backed out of the driveway.

No one was hurt, but police said the shots were unlawful because the burglar had dropped the crowbar and was fleeing the property.

Niederhauser, who has a concealed weapons permit, told police he was trying to shoot the car's tire, and to scare the burglar as he ran away.

Some area residents came to Niederhauser's defense, saying he was being unfairly punished for protecting his home.

The burglary suspect has been caught, and so has the woman who police believe was driving the car.

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