Geoff Johns stepping down as Green Lantern writer


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Geoff Johns is stepping down as the writer of DC Entertainment's Green Lantern, capping a nearly decade-long stint that saw him return the space cop to the forefront of the publisher's superhero titles as well as scores of new lanterns — good and bad — spanning the color spectrum.

Johns also is the publisher's chief creative officer. He says he's leaving the current series in May to focus his energies and creativity on the Justice League family of books, as well as Aquaman, the sea-going hero who's found new life amid DC's relaunch in 2011.

Johns said Monday that while he's leaving the "Green Lantern" book, he's bringing some of the Green Lantern Corps creations with him. That includes Simon Baz, who made headlines because of his Muslim faith and American origin.



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