Excerpts from Ohio school board president apology


Excerpts from an apology issued by Ohio Board of Education President Debe Terhar over sharing a Facebook post that invoked the image of Hitler in a manner critical to the Obama administration's gun-control proposals:

"...(I)t was never my desire or intention to offend anyone at any time. I fully realize the sensitivity of the issue at hand and I was wrong to re-post something that could ever be perceived as insensitive by anyone....I sincerely apologize for my transgression to everyone who may have been offended by this incident.

"I have the utmost respect for the President of the United States. I...stand extremely proud...that we have overcome obstacles thrown in our path for generations to elect and then re-elect our first African American president.

"In a civil society, an honest, open free exchange of ideas is necessary to allow us to engage in a reasoned debate on any of those ideas. I firmly believe that to villify, ridicule and attempt to demonize and marginalize people who do not agree with you is counterproductive to reaching a consensus. My mission on this board is ... to lead us to a healthy consensus that is in the best interest of Ohio's children."

"...I do ask for forgiveness for that mistake and give my complete assurance that this will never occur again."

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