Here is an update on the AP Video-US stories available or expected for 02/06/2013:



POSTAL CUTS 'HIT SENIORS' - Seniors say they will miss Saturday mail deliveries. See National.

CAT'S WHISKERS - The cat wins the vote for a new Monopoly piece. See National.




OUT OF FOCUS? New camera technology allows you to fix the focus and change the perspective of your photos after the event. AVAILABLE NOW.




SCOUTS DELAY GAY POLICY - Boy Scouts delay a vote on whether to relax their ban on gay scouts. AVAILABLE NOW.

ETHAN'S BIRTHDAY - Church holds celebration to mark birthday of rescued five-year-old hostage Ethan (note: he will not attend).

POSTAL CHIEF: OUR FINANCIAL CONDITION IS URGENT - The USPS plans to stop delivering letters on Saturday as part of cuts aimed at saving $2 billion a year.

AVAILABLE NOW. Note: Further reaction from staff, customers and union officials expected.

CELEBS CALL FOR ACTION ON GUN VIOLENCE - Celebrities including Chris Rock, Amanda Peet and Tony Bennett join calls for gun control. AVAILABLE NOW.

OBAMA NOMINATES INTERIOR SECRETARY - President Obama expected to nominate executive Sally Jewell to lead Interior Department. AVAILABLE NOW.

DEFENSE CUTS TO HIT AIRCRAFT CARRIER GROUP - Defense secretary says sequester will force cut in number of Persian Gulf aircraft carriers to one.

CAT WINS IN MONOPOLY VOTE - The iron will be replaced by a cat after a public vote for a new Monopoly piece. AVAILABLE NOW.

EMPIRE STATE RUN - The annual run up 86 flights of stairs takes place in the Empire State Building tonight.




CO, DENVER SHOOTING KILLS 2 CHILDREN, WOMAN - Police are investigating the shooting of four people in Denver. One child survived. AVAILABLE NOW.

GA, RAW: FATAL FIERY HIGHWAY CRASH - More than two dozen vehicles collided in a fiery pileup on a Georgia interstate. AVAILABLE NOW.

NY, MANDELA'S 'HEALTH IS GOOD' - Nelson Mandela's granddaughters show first photo of him since his release from hospital. AVAILABLE NOW.

FL, RAW: WOMAN CURSES AT JUDGE, GETS TIME - A woman who cursed at a Florida judge paid the price, when she was jailed for contempt. AVAILABLE NOW.

TX, 911 CALL RELEASED IN 'AMERICAN SNIPER' KILLING - Police release 911 call made by accused's sister following killings. AVAILABLE NOW.

IN, DISABLED GIRL'S FEET DUCT-TAPED AT SCHOOL - Officials are investigating after an 8-year-old girl came home with shoes duct-taped to her feet. AVAILABLE NOW.

CA, CHRIS BROWN PROBATION - Chris Brown attends probation hearing after prosecutors allege breaches of conditions.

FL, POSTAL CUTS REACTION - Seniors who rely on postal deliveries react to Saturday service cuts.




SOLOMONS TSUNAMI - At least four dead and dozens of homes damaged after quake triggers tsunami wave in Solomon Islands. AVAILABLE NOW.

MALI PUNISHMENT - A woman from Timbuktu tells how she was punished by Islamists for having a forbidden relationship. AVAILABLE NOW.

MALI TROOPS - French and Malian forces advance into areas north of Gao. AVAILABLE NOW.

TUNISIA SHOOTING - Crowds gather after opposition leader was shot dead. AVAILABLE NOW.

Also see: TUNISIA PROTEST - Teargas fired during protests after killing of opposition leader. AVAILABLE NOW.

SYRIA FIGHTING - Heavy fighting around Damascus. AVAILABLE NOW.

AUSTRIA SLEEP STUDIO - Sleep studio offers peace and quiet for workers in need of a power nap. AVAILABLE NOW.




'BEAUTIFUL CREATURES' STARS INTERVIEW - 'Beautiful Creatures' stars Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich on their magical teen drama. AVAILABLE NOW.

'WRECK-IT RALPH' CAST ON OSCAR NOMINATION - John C Reilly and Sarah Silverman on the Oscar-nominated animation 'Wreck-It Ralph.' AVAILABLE NOW.

BECKHAM'S NEW UNDERWEAR AD - Guy Ritchie helps David Beckham become an underwear-wearing action hero in new ad. AVAILABLE NOW.

'SAFE HAVEN' CAST AT PREMIERE - Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough premiere 'Safe Haven' in LA. Broadcast video already available. AVAILABLE NOW.

'THE FACE' LATEST MODEL SHOW - Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha premiere new modeling competition TV show. AVAILABLE NOW.




ITALY NAIL ART CONTEST - Beauticians compete in annual 'Nailympics' to create works of art on the tips of your finger. AVAILABLE NOW.

HAIR TRANSPLANT ROBOT - New hair transplant robot is launched in the UK. AVAILABLE NOW.

BELGIUM ART BARTERING - In effort to beat the credit crunch, art lovers are bartering for work of art. AVAILABLE NOW.

AUSTRALIA FLYING DOCTORS - Doctors in training for Australia's iconic flying medical service. AVAILABLE NOW.


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