Patrick Fitzgerald takes on Socrates in mock trial


CHICAGO (AP) — Patrick Fitzgerald has prosecuted mobsters, terrorists, a White House aide and two Illinois governors.

On Thursday night, he prosecuted Socrates. Yes, that Socrates, the Greek philosopher.

Fitzgerald, who was one of the nation's highest profile federal prosecutors until he recently entered private practice, represented Athens in a do-over of the 399 B.C. trial of Socrates on charges of corrupting the ancient city's youth and disrespecting its gods.

The audience acted as jury and found Socrates guilty, but they spared him death by hemlock and voted to fine him instead.

Socrates' legal counsel at the mock trial in Chicago was Dan Webb, a high-priced lawyer who defended former Illinois Gov. George Ryan in a corruption case brought by Fitzgerald.

The event was a fundraiser for the National Hellenic Museum.

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