US judge to hold hearing on Somali torture claim

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A judge in Ohio will hear claims for damages brought by a human rights advocate who says he was tortured by a former Somali military colonel.

The hearing was scheduled Monday for late May. It will mark the first time allegations brought by Abukar Hassan Ahmed (AB'-oo-kahr hah-SAHN' AHK'-mehd) will be heard in court. Ahmed is a lawyer and human rights advocate who divides his time between London and Mogadishu.

A federal court last year found former Somali military colonel Abdi Aden Magan (AHB'-dee AH'-den MAY'-gehn), who lived for several years in Ohio, was responsible for torturing Ahmed in the 1980s.

Ahmed alleged in a 2010 lawsuit that the torture he endured makes it painful for him to sit and injured his bladder to the point that he's incontinent.

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