Atlanta officer says he hit suspect in face


ATLANTA (AP) — A police report says an Atlanta officer rushing to help a wounded rookie policeman says he hit the suspect in the face with his gun because he feared for his life.

In a mug shot from 20-year-old Frank Nance's arrest Jan. 11, the suspect has multiple bloody cuts on his face. Police have declined to release any more details on Nance's injuries.

A report obtained Thursday by The Associated Press say that shortly after Officer Reginald Bent was shot in the face, Andre Bent caught up with Nance. Bent wrote that Nance then turned toward him with his left hand coming up, and it wasn't clear whether he had a weapon.

He says he hit Nance and the gun discharged once toward the sky.

Police are investigating. A spokesman says that is standard when an officer shoots his gun.

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