Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we are working on for 01/24/2013

Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we are working on for 01/24/2013:



FIRE AND ICE - Water used to douse a warehouse fire turns into a giant ice sculpture. See Regional - Central.

ARMING SCHOOLS - School police in California are being armed with semi-automatic rifles. See Regional - West.

HIDDEN ART - Graffiti on the new WTC skyscraper tells a story - but it will soon be hidden from view. See Regional - East.




MASS HEALTH CARE REFORM EXPERTISE SOUGHT - As other states begin setting up health insurance exchanges required under the Affordable Health Care Act, many are turning to Massachusetts, which pioneered the online health insurance marketplace. AVAILABLE NOW.




DEEP FREEZE - Temperatures stay below freezing through much of the north-east, with cold weather blamed for a string of accidents.

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WOMEN IN COMBAT - Defense Secretary will formally announce lifting the ban on women in combat. AP will also deliver further reactions.

KERRY SECRETARY OF STATE HEARINGS - Senate hearing begins into the nomination of Senator John Kerry as Secretary of State.

SEC NOMINATION - President Obama will announce nomination of Mary Jo White to lead the SEC.

ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN - Sen. Diane Feinstein and a coalition of anti-violence groups will hold a news conference to outline new legislation on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips. Also see Regional - West.

787 'DREAMLINER' INVESTIGATION - The NTSB will hold a briefing on its investigation into recent failures on Boeing's new 787.

KOREA TENSION - State Department expected to comment to Pyongyang's announcement of an imminent third nuclear test. Also see International.




NY, COLD WEATHER HITS HOME - New Yorkers continue to shiver as temperatures remain below freezing.

IL, MUMBAI TERROR SENTENCE - American is sentenced after pleading guilty to scouting Mumbai for the deadly 2008 terrorist attack.

CA, CALIFORNIA SCHOOL GETS HIGH-POWERED RIFLES - School police receive assault weapons they say could help prevent a massacre. AVAILABLE NOW.

NY, HIDDEN ART: GRAFITTI AT WORLD TRADE CENTER - Workers and visitors to the new One WTC building are leaving their mark on beams and walls. AVAILABLE NOW.

MD, RAVENS PRACTICE FOR SUPER BOWL - The Baltimore Ravens prepare for their Super Bowl showdown with the 49ers.




NORTH KOREA NUCLEAR - State television says a third nuclear test may be imminent. AVAILABLE NOW.

KOREA NUCLEAR REACTION - Wrap of regional reaction to North Korea's announcement of a third nuclear test.

SKOREA US NUCLEAR ENVOY - US special representative meets South Korean nuclear envoy to discuss Pyongyang's threatened nuclear test.

US FRANCE MALI - US military transport aircraft arrive to airlift French military equipment to Mali. AVAILABLE NOW.

INDIA RAPE TRIAL - Defense lawyer comments as his clients go on trial for Delhi gang rape. AVAILABLE NOW.

SWITZERLAND WEF - UK Prime Minister at World Economic Forum, plus protests and AP debate.




JENNIFER LOPEZ, JASON STATHAM PREMIERE 'PARKER' - The action thriller 'Parker' premieres in New York. AVAILABLE NOW.

SEX AT SUNDANCE - Dakota Fanning, Naomi Watts, Nicole Kidman and more talk about their provocative Sundance films.

WORKING WITH ARNIE - Johnny Knoxville talks about working with Arnold Schwarzenegger on 'The Last Stand.'




UK TOY FAIR - Europe's biggest toy fair reveals the new trends in toys for 2013

GERMANY WOLVES - Now a protected species, the growing number of wolves is causing a problem for farmers

SWEDEN RUBBISH - Sweden has begun importing garbage to fuel waste incinerators.

AUSTRALIA RABBITS - A booming rabbit population is wreaking havoc on farmland.


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