Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we are working on for 01/17/2013

Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we are working on for 01/17/2013:



ADOPTION ANGUISH - American families wait in Moscow to see if adoptions will go ahead. See International.

BAD DREAM - Inaugural passengers are stranded as Polish airline's first 787 flight is grounded in Chicago. See Regional - Central.




AP EXAMINATION FINDS LEVEE RISK - Nearly one in four of the levees evaluated by the federal government are deemed to be in an 'unacceptable' condition, putting nearby residents at risk of flooding. AVAILABLE NOW.

INAUGURATION SECURITY - AP goes behind the scenes at the security command center, and talks to the Secret Service and the Washington DC police chief ahead of Monday's inauguration.

INAUGURATION HOTELS - Preparations are underway at Washington's top hotels ahead of the inauguration, and there are still rooms available if you are prepared to pay top dollar. AVAILABLE NOW.




ALGERIA HOSTAGE CRISIS - Latest coverage amid conflicting reports on fate of hostages. State Department briefing scheduled.

GUN DEBATE REACTIONS - Personal gun buyers react to plans to impose background checks on all gun buyers.

EUROPE, INDIA JOIN US GROUNDING 787s - Europe's Air Safety Agency follows the FAA and grounds all Boeing 787s. AVAILABLE NOW.

Also see International and Regional - Central.

ARMSTRONG'S 'CONFESSION' - AP will deliver reactions immediately following tonight's broadcast of Oprah Winfrey's interview with Lance Armstrong.

NOTRE DAME: MANTI TE'O VICTIM OF HOAX - Notre Dame's Athletic Director says Te'o 'girlfriend' was a hoaxer. AVAILABLE NOW. Note: Further coverage expected.




IL, PASSENGERS GROUNDED WITH 787 AT O'HARE - Polish airline LOT is forced to call off a ceremony welcoming the 787 to its fleet, stranding inaugural passengers. AVAILABLE NOW.

IL, RANA TERROR SENTENCING - A Chicago businessman faces up to 30 years in jail after being convicted of supporting a militant group.

GA, HUMAN TRAFFICKING BUST - ICE will reveal details of a major human trafficking ring at a news conference this morning.

DC, LINCOLN BIBLE READIED FOR INAUGURATION - The historic Lincoln Bible is one of two bibles President Obama will use at the inauguration.

PA, EAGLES GET NEW COACH - Chip Kelly officially introduced as the Philadelphia Eagles' new coach.

ME, 'SEAL CAM' GOES LIVE - The east coast's first 'seal cam' goes live to record seal-pupping on a remote Maine Island.




ALGERIA HOSTAGES - Latest reactions to ongoing hostage crisis in Algeria, including statements from French President Hollande and oil companies. Hollande comments AVAILABLE NOW.

MALI FIGHTING - Malian forces engage Islamist fighters as French troop buildup continues.

FRANCE DEFENSE MINISTER - French Defense Minister comments on Mali situation and Algerian hostage crisis.

EU MALI - European Union ministers hold emergency summit on Mali situation.

INDIA BOEING - Indian government orders Air India to ground Boeing 787 fleet.

JAPAN BOEING - All 787s grounded, Chief Cabinet Secretary announces cancellation of all flights.

RUSSIA US ADOPTION - Russian government says all US adoptions already approved will go ahead, as American families wait in Moscow. AVAILABLE NOW.




HILARY SWANK AT BULGARI OPENING - Hilary Swank, Adrian Brody and Cha Seung Won opens new flagship store for Bulgari in Hong Kong.

'FLIGHT' PREMIERS IN UK - Robert Zemeckis, Denzel Washington and Kelly Reilly attend London premiere.

PARIS MEN'S FASHION WEEK - Louis Vuitton and Rick Owens unveil latest men's collections.

WHAT THE STARS WILL EAT AT SAG AWARDS - Chef Suzanne Goin reveals the menu for the SAG awards. AVAILABLE NOW.

BEN AFFLECK, SALLY FIELD TALK ABOUT SUNDANCE - Former Sundance attendees talk about the significance of the indie film festival. AVAILABLE NOW.




SERBIA RAGE ROOM - A special 'rage room' allows people to vent their anger by smashing up the furniture.

UAE LUXURY EXPO - Dubai's wealthiest residents go shopping at a swanky luxury expo.

PLATYPUS UP CLOSE - An Australian sanctuary has opened the world's first exhibit where visitors can interact with a platypus.


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