Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we are working on for 01/14/2013

Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we are working on for 01/14/2013:



NEW CORVETTE - The 2014 Corvette was unveiled in Detroit. See Regional - Central.

2014 OLYMPIC TORCH - The 2014 Olympic torch for the Sochi Winter Games makes its debut. See International.




NEW TECH SENDS COUPONS TO YOUR CAR - Valpak is partnering with Roximity, a Denver-based app developer, to bring coupons and deals to drivers of newer Fords and Lincolns. AVAILABLE NOW.




FLU VACCINE SHORTAGES IN SOME STATES - Flu vaccine shortages are being reported in a number of states. AVAILABLE NOW.

GUN CONTROL - One month after the Newtown shootings, residents of the town speak about more stringent gun control laws as Vice President Joe Biden prepares his recommendations for President Barack Obama.




CT, NEWTOWN ANNIVERSARY - Today marks one month since the devastating shootings that left 26 dead, including 20 children.

CA, COLD WEATHER PUTS CROPS IN DANGER - California and the rest of the West Coast are experiencing extremely cold weather, putting valuable crops in danger.

TX, ARMSTRONG ON OPRAH - Lance Armstrong is being interviewed by Oprah months after the doping scandal that stripped him of his athletic career. Interview is set to air later this week.

NY, STATEN ISLAND DEMOLITIONS - Demolitions begin on Staten Island to clear away homes left devastated after Superstorm Sandy.

MI, NEW CORVETTE BURSTS ONTO THE ROAD AFTER 9 YEARS - The 2014 Corvette has arrived, the first all-new version in nine years which will appear in showrooms this fall. AVAILABLE NOW.

CA, ARRESTS MADE IN DEPT. STORE HOLDUP - Los Angeles Police tell AP that suspects are under arrest in the armed robbery of a department store. AVAILABLE NOW.




LONDON UNDERGROUND TURNS 150 - To mark the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, passengers were treated to the rare sight of a steam train traveling along the Metropolitan line. AVAILABLE NOW.

AUSTRALIA WILDFIRE - A huge wildfire swept through Warrumbungle National Park in new South Wales, burning 40,000 hectares of land. AVAILABLE NOW.

MALI - French fighter jets bomb rebel targets in Mali as the effort to block a rebel advance continues. AVAILABLE NOW.

2014 OLYMPIC TORCH UNVEILED - The official Olympic torch for the 2014 Sochi winter games and the outfit for the torch relay were unveiled in Moscow. AVAILABLE NOW.

SYRIA VIOLENCE - Syrian activists say at least 13 people have been killed in a regime airstrike on a Damascus suburb. AVAILABLE NOW.

INDIA GANG RAPE SUSPECTS IN COURT - Five men charged in the fatal gang rape of a young woman on a moving New Delhi bus were produced in court. AVAILABLE NOW.




GOLDEN GLOBE HIGHLIGHTS - Highlights from the 70th Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles, California. AVAILABLE NOW.

FOSTER ACCEPTS GOLDEN GLOBE - Jodie Foster accepts the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes. AVAILABLE NOW.

BACKSTAGE GOLDEN GLOBE REACTIONS - Golden Globe winners including Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Day Lewis, and Ben Affleck react to their wins. AVAILABLE NOW.




LUXURY WATCHES - Colored watch faces, Art Deco styling and exposed mechanisms are just some of the features you will find on men's luxury watches in 2013. AVAILABLE NOW.

DEMAND FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES FALLS - They have long been treated as the green future for the car industry, but manufacturers are now considering turning their backs on electric vehicles. AVAILABLE NOW.

SCIENCE SAVES ITLAIAN ART - Art preservationists are now using high-tech science equipment such as lasers, 3D scanners and even a particle accelerator to save works of art. AVAILABLW NOW.

WIGS FOR HOLLYWOOD - A small wig factory in a remote Indonesian village is getting attention from major theatres and film companies, including those in Hollywood. AVAILABLE NOW.


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