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CRANE COLLAPSE - Up to seven people were hurt when a crane crashed onto a construction site in New York. See Regional - East.

FERRY CRASH - As many as 50 passengers were injured when a ferry smashed into a New York wharf. See Regional - East.




SERIAL KILLER STILL DRAWS TOURISTS TO BAR, MOTEL - Almost 22 years after serial killer Aileen Wuornos was arrested, tourists still flock to the bar where she had her last drink before police moved in. Wuornos was executed for killing at least seven men. AVAILABLE NOW.




GUN SAFETY ADVOCATES MEET BIDEN - The head of the Brady campaign talks about their meeting with Vice President Biden. AVAILABLE NOW.

BIDEN: DETERMINED TO TAKE ACTION ON GUNS - Vice President Joe Biden speaks ahead of holding a series of meetings to discuss gun control proposals. AVAILABLE NOW.

BILL CLINTON: GUN SITUATION 'IS NUTS' - Former president speaks in support of gun control, and the lapsed assault weapon ban.

FLU OUTBREAK CONTINUES - Hospitals in several states are struggling to cope with the spike in flu cases.

GADGETS GALORE - A wrap of the latest gadgets unveiled at the CES expo in Las Vegas.




NY, FERRY CRASH - Up to 50 passengers injured when a ferry hits a wharf while docking in New York. Package and SOTS AVAILABLE NOW.

NY, RAW: INJURIES IN QUEENS CRANE COLLAPSE - Seven injured as crane collapses on construction site. AVAILABLE NOW.

IL, LOTTERY WINNER DEATH MYSTERY - Friends say a lottery winner found dead of suspected cyanide poisoning was a 'very appreciative person' (Jan 8) AVAILABLE NOW.

DC, NAT'L CATHEDRAL TO CELEBRATE GAY MARRIAGE - First gay marriage ceremonies are to be permitted in the National Cathedral. AVAILABLE NOW

GA, MOM SHOOTS HOME INVADER 5 TIMES - Dramatic 911 tapes detail how a mother fought off a home invasion, shooting the burglar with a handgun. AVAILABLE NOW.

GA, EXPERT: NERVE A HIDDEN DANGER IN RGIII SURGERY - Expert discusses challenges Redskins quarterback faces after ligament surgery. AVAILABLE NOW.

NY, NHL SEASON - NHL holds news conference on forthcoming, shortened season.

NY, BASEBALL HALL OF FAME - Baseball Writers' Association names its Class of 2013, which included several controversial choices.




REACTION AFTER CHAVEZ INAUGURATION POSTPONTED - Reactions after court rules inauguration can be legally postponed. AVAILABLE NOW.

MALALA'S HUMANITARIAN AWARD - Father of shot education activist is presented with award on her behalf. AVAILABLE NOW.

NORTH KOREA GOOGLE - In an exclusive interview with AP, Bill Richardson urges Pyongyang to call a moratorium on missile launches, and allow wider access to the Internet. Richardson is accompanying Google boss Eric Schmidt on a tour of North Korea. AVAILABLE NOW.

AUSTRALIAN FAMILY RECOUNTS BUSHFIRE TERROR - A family photographed sheltering under a jetty from towering flames describe their ordeal. AVAILABLE NOW.

GOLDEN GUN - Police in Honduras seize a gold-plated AK47, part of a major weapons cache. AVAILABLE NOW.

GIANT SQUID CAUGHT ON CAMERA - A giant squid is filmed for the first time deep in the ocean. AVAILABLE NOW.

PHILIPPINES CATHOLIC DEVOTEES FOLLOW STATUE - Thousands of Filipinos flock to touch the revered statue of the Black Nazarene. AVAILABLE NOW.




'LINCOLN' TOPS BAFTA NOMINATIONS - The Lincoln biopic, 'Life of Pi' and 'Les Mis' top British Academy Award nominations. AVAILABLE NOW.

MICHAEL MOORE TALKS GUN CONTROL - 'Bowling for Columbine' director talks about gun control after Newtown massacre. AVAILABLE NOW.

CAST OF 'GANGSTER SQUAD' ON GUN CONTROL - Cast talks about gun control, and why a scene depicting a movie theatre shoot-out was cut. AVAILABLE NOW.

STARS AT NBR AWARDS - Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper among honorees at the National Board of Review Awards. AVAILABLE NOW.

TWILIGHT HEADLINES 'RAZZIE' NOMINATIONS - 'Breaking Dawn - Part II' tops this year's worst-in-cinema competition, with 11 nominations. AVAILABLE NOW.




CES HEADPHONES - Aging rockers 'Motorhead' back extra-loud headphones for hard-of-hearing heavy metal fans.

CES WRAP - Smart television sets are getting bigger and bigger, with the latest models on display in Las Vegas.

CES TABLET - A new tablet on show at CES has been created specifically for gamers.

CES TOY BALL - A new toy ball previewed at CES is controlled by a smartphone app.

CHINA ICE CARVING - Ice flies as carvers prepare spectacular illuminated sculptures at Harbin's annual ice festival.

TAIWAN LANGUAGE LOVER - In a dimly lit bamboo hut in a mountainous Taiwanese village, a linguistics professor is racing against the clock to save an

endangered language from extinction.


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