Drop the puck: NHL, players settle labor dispute

NEW YORK (AP) — After 16 hours of tense talks and a relentless push from a federal mediator, the National Hockey League and its players have finally reached a deal to end a lockout that's wiped out nearly four months of the season.

The 10-year deal would see the players' share of hockey-related income drop from 57 percent to a 50-50 split and a lowering of the salary cap. It still needs to be ratified by team owners and the players.

Fans are expressing relief that the lockout appears about to end, but also some bitterness. Paul Corrie of Manor, Pennsylvania, says he will be happy to see his beloved Penguins back on the ice, but he'll be watching on TV.

Corrie says he won't spend any money on tickets or NHL licensed merchandise, at least for this season. Though he adds his decision isn't likely to have much impact with money issues seemingly as much a part of pro sports now as the games themselves.

Schedule issues still have to be worked out, but the NHL has developed plans for 50- and 48-game seasons.

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155-w-36-(Tim Maguire, AP correspondent, with Paul Corrie, Pittsburgh Penguins fan)--NHL fans get some welcome news after four months of wondering if the teams would take the ice this season. AP correspondent Tim Maguire reports. (6 Jan 2013)

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156-a-08-(Paul Corrie, Pittsburgh Penguins fan, in AP interview)-"making big money"-Hockey fan Paul Corrie says that he's not too concerned about the money issues that kept NHL players and owners apart for so long. (6 Jan 2013)

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157-a-11-(Paul Corrie, Pittsburgh Penguins fan, in AP interview)-"mechandising this year"-Hockey fan Paul Corrie says he probably won't attend any Penguins games this year in protest of the lockout. ((longer version of cut used in wrap)) (6 Jan 2013)

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158-a-14-(Paul Corrie, Pittsburgh Penguins fan, in AP interview)-"the games themselves"-Hockey fan Paul Corrie says he's come to understand that labor disputes are going to happen in professional sports. ((longer version of cut used in wrap)) (6 Jan 2013)

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159-a-05-(Paul Corrie, Pittsburgh Penguins fan, in AP interview)-"stomp the Flyers"-Hockey fan Paul Corrie says that even with the bitter taste of the lockout, he will still watch Sidney Crosby and his beloved Pittsburgh Penguins on TV. (6 Jan 2013)

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107-c-14-(Ira Podell, AP sports writer)-"will go through"-AP sports writer Ira Podell reports the next step is for the owners and the players to approve the agreement. (6 Jan 2013)

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108-c-17-(Ira Podell, AP sports writer)-"what they wanted"-AP sports writer Ira Podell reports the players gave up some revenue in the deal. (6 Jan 2013)

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109-c-17-(Ira Podell, AP sports writer)-"Stanley Cup champion"-AP aports writer Ira Podell reports games could resume quickly once the deal is ratified. (6 Jan 2013)

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101-a-09-(Gary Bettman, NHL Commissioner, with reporters)-"it as well"-NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman says there's still work to be done on the agreement. (6 Jan 2013)

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110-a-08-(Ron Hainsey, defenseman, Winnipeg Jets, and member, union bargaining team, at news conference)-"season we can"-Winnipeg Jets defenseman Ron Hainsey, a key member of the union's bargaining team, says the players will make the best of a bad situation with what's left of the hockey season. (6 Jan 2013)

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102-a-10-(Shane Doan, NHL forward, Phoenix Coyotes, with reporters)-"more than this"-NHL player Shane Doan says they're ready to get back to the game of hockey. (6 Jan 2013)

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APPHOTO LMD101: The ice surface is cleaned at an empty Scotiabank Saddledome, home of the NHL's Calgary Flames, on Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013, in Calgary, Alberta. A tentative deal to end the 113-day NHL lockout was reached early Sunday following a marathon 16-hour negotiating session. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Larry MacDougal) (6 Jan 2012)

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