Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we're working on for 01/05/2013-01/06/2013.




OBAMA RETURNS (SUN) - President Obama expected to return from delayed family holiday in Hawaii.

2013 FOOD TRENDS (SUN) - Americans are focusing on smaller portion sizes and on eating foods which will help them be healthier in 2013.




FANCY BELGIUM SWIM (SAT) - Thousands of people in fancy dress dash into the sea in Ostend in an annual New Year event.

SPAIN EPIPHANY PARADE (SAT) - Thousands of Spaniards participate in the Three Wise Men parade.

COLLECTION OF JUNK BECOMES ART (SAT) - A huge installation comprising over 10,000 household objects will be one of the artistic centerpieces of this month's Sydney Festival.

LIFE IN A GRAVEYARD (SAT) - People in the Cambodian capital are slowly moving into and colonizing an old graveyard, making the cemetery into a living village.

CHINA ICE AND SNOW FESTIVAL (SAT) - The Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin is by far the largest such exhibition in the world.

SYRIA (SAT/SUN) - War planes continue to bomb and attack neighborhoods around Damascus as the military keeps up its attack on rebellious districts of the capital.

VATICAN EPIPHANY (SUN) - Pope marks the Catholic celebration of Epiphany by leading a mass at St Peter's Basilica.

GEORGIA CHRISTMAS (SUN) - Hundreds of people take part in traditional charity collection to mark the climax of Christmas celebrations.

TURKEY EPIPHANY (SUN) - Orthodox worshippers mark Epiphany by retrieving a cross from the waters of the Bosphorus.


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