Here is an update on the AP Video-US stories either available or expected for 01/04/2013:



BULLETPROOF KIDS' CLOTHES - A Colombian firm is set to export a line of bulletproof children's clothes to the US. See National.

BIRTHDAY BEAR - Polar bear cub Anori celebrates her first birthday with a special cake. See International.




VETERAN INMATES TRAIN SERVICE DOGS - Ex-servicemen now serving time in a Maryland jail are training puppies to become service dogs for disabled veterans. Experts say dogs trained in prison benefit from the rigid schedules. AVAILABLE NOW.




JOBLESS FIGURES - Employers added 155,000 jobs in December, keeping the unemployment rate steady at 7.8 percent. AVAILABLE NOW.

CONGRESS VOTES ON SANDY RELIEF - Congress approves the first of two relief packages for victims of Superstorm Sandy. AVAILABLE NOW.

AP POLL: AMERICANS STILL WANT JUNK FOOD, DESPITE OBESITY CRISIS - A new AP poll shows Americans acknowledge obesity is a health crisis, but are split on whether governments should take action on junk food. AVAILABLE NOW.

NEUROLOGIST EXPLAINS CLINTON BLOOD CLOT - With Hillary Clinton expected back at work next week, a neurologist explains long-term treatment. AVAILABLE NOW.

PELOSI DEFENDS ALTERED PHOTO - House minority leader defends photo-shopping missing Congresswomen into group photo. AVAILABLE NOW.

KID'S BULLETPROOF CLOTHING - In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, a Colombian company is about to start exporting children's bulletproof vests to the US. AVAILABLE NOW.




NY, GIFFORDS TO MEET SANDY HOOK FAMILIES - Gabby Giffords plans to meet families of victims from Sandy Hook Elementary.

MN, DRUNK PILOT ALLEGATION - American Eagle pilot is arrested after failing breath-test at Minneapolis-St Paul airport.

KS, SPERM DONOR CASE HIGHLIGHTS LEGAL ISSUES - A sperm donor is being sued by the state for child support, after a do-it-yourself artificial insemination. AVAILABLE NOW.

NY, 3 NYPD OFFICERS SHOT - Three police officers were shot and wounded in two separate incidents early Thursday. AVAILABLE NOW.

ID, INMATES SUE ALCOHOL INDUSTRY FOR $1 BILLION - Suit claims inmates could have avoided trouble if alcohol carried a warning about dangers. AVAILABLE NOW.

WA, PATRICK DEMPSEY BUYS COFFEE CHAIN - Actor Patrick Dempsey says his bid for struggling Tully's Coffee appears successful.

LA, YACHT AIRLIFT - Coast Guard helicopter airlifts heart attack patient off yacht.

FL, ALABAMA GETS SET FOR IRISH OFFENSIVE ATTACK - Alabama talks defense ahead of Monday's BCS championship clash with Notre Dame. AVAILABLE NOW.

FL, NOTRE DAME QG NOT WORRIED ABOUT LAYOFF - Everett Golson says he isn't worried by the long break between games as he prepares to face Alabama. AVAILABLE NOW.

FL, BCS PRACTICE - Alabama and Notre Dame practice ahead of Monday's BCS championship.




UK MALALA - Young Pakistani education activist shot by Taliban is released from hospital to continue rehabilitation in the UK. AVAILABLE NOW.

SYRIA SHELLILNG - Amateur video said to show shelling in Douma and Homs. AVAILABLE NOW.

FRANCE DEPARDIEU - French actor gains Russian citizenship after government moves to raise taxes on rich. AVAILABLE NOW.

GERMANY POLAR BEAR TREATS - Special treats for Wuppertal zoo's polar bear Anori as she turns one year old. AVAILABLE NOW.

PHILIPPINES SHOOTING - Locals react after gunman fatally shoots eight people before being killed by police. AVAILABLE NOW.

SYRIA AIRSTRIKES - Amateur video shows airstrike, tank firing as violence continues in Syria. AVAILABLE NOW.

AUSTRALIA GUM TREES BURNED - Arsonist destroys ghost gums immortalized in Aboriginal artist's work. AVAILABLE NOW.

TAIWAN DOG PROTEST SCUFFLES - Protesters opposed to euthanizing stray dogs scuffle with police. AVAILABLE NOW.

VENEZUELA CHAVEZ - Venezuelan Vice President says Chavez's condition remains delicate. AVAILABLE NOW.

GERMAN ELEPHANTS FEAST ON CHRISTMAS TREES - Elephants at Berlin Zoo dig into a seasonal treat of discarded Christmas trees. AVAILABLE NOW.




JENNIFER LAWRENCE'S VANITY FAIR SHOOT - Jennifer Lawrence appears on front cover of Vanity Fair's February issue. AVAILABLE NOW.

PUTIN APPROVES DEPARDIEU CITIZENSHIP - French actor gains Russian citizenship in wake of disputed French tax hike on rich . AVAILABLE NOW.

FILE: FRANK OCEAN CITED FOR POT POSSESSION - File of Frank Ocean who has been reported for marijuana possession. AVAILABLE NOW.

PREVIEW OF GOLDEN GLOBES DINNER MENU - Beverly Hilton chef unveils the food to be served at the Golden Globes. AVAILABLE NOW.

STAR FOR HELEN MIRREN - British actress Helen Mirren is honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. AVAILABLE NOW.




INDIA POLLUTION 'ENDANGERING LIVES' - Activists claim air pollution in New Delhi is putting lives at risk. AVAILABLE NOW.

SPAIN NATIVITY ANNIVERSARY - As Spain's Christmas festivities reach their climax on January 6, one live nativity display is celebrating its 50th anniversary. AVAILABLE NOW.

UK BABY BOOM - Britain's maternity services are struggling to cope with a baby boom, with the birthrate reaching its highest point in 40 years. AVAILABLE NOW.

EMERALD ISLE ENCOURAGES VISITORS - Ireland hopes to boost tourism in the wake of its economic crisis with a yearlong 'gathering' for those of Irish descent. AVAILABLE NOW.


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