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SPEED SISTERS - The only female rally driving team in the Middle East is making an impression on the sport. See International.

CEMETERIES DISAPPEAR - Erosion and a series of hurricanes are washing away centuries of history in Louisiana. See Regional - South.




CDC: DISEASE FORECAST - Scientists have been working on ways to predict disease outbreaks for decades, but recent improvements in weather-tracking, including satellite technology and more sophisticated computer data processing have helped improve disease forecasting. AVAILABLE NOW.




SANDY HOOK BACK TO SCHOOL - Students who survived the Newtown rampage go back to school for the first time since the Dec. 14 shooting in a town seven miles away. AVAILABLE NOW.

CONGRESS - The 113th Congress convenes at the constitutionally required time of noon. Members of both the House and the Senate will be sworn in. AVAIALBLE NOW.

CLINTON EXPECTED BACK TO WORK NEXT WEEK - State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland says Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is expected to return to work next week after being treated for a blood clot in her head. AVAILABLE NOW.




FL, NOTRE DAME PRACTICES FOR BCS GAME - Notre Dame players held their first practice session on the Miami Dolphins training field. AVAILABLE NOW.

LA, CEMETERIES BECOMING SKELETONS - Cemeteries are being washed away by erosion and a series of hurricanes, urging local authorities to call for improvements to restore the coast line. AVAILABLE NOW.

OH, TWIN MOTHERS GIVE BIRTH HOURS APART - A pair of twins in Akron, Ohio, gave birth to their respective baby boys at the same hospital just hours apart on New Year's Day. AVAILABLE NOW.

AK, CREW BOARDS OIL RIG - A crew of salvage experts spent several hours on board a grounded oil rig off Alaska's coast to do a structural assessment. AVAILABLE NOW.

CO, AURORA THEATER RE-OPENING INVITES PROVOKE ANGER - Families of the Aurora, Colo., theater shooting victims are outraged, after they were invited to the theater's re-opening. AVAILABLE NOW.

GA, SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER HITS TEEN IN PARKING LOT - A school board member is facing misdemeanor charges after authorities say she hit a 17-year-old girl with her SUV over a parking spot dispute. AVAILABLE NOW.

AZ, ICE RESCUE - Two teens were rescued after hanging on to a dead tree after ice on a lake began to crack. AVAILABLE NOW.




ANIMAL COUNT AT LONDON ZOO - Zookeepers begin the annual counting of the animals in the London Zoo. AVAILABLE NOW.

SWITZERLAND SHOOTING - A man shot and killed three people and wounded another two in a Swiss village. AVAILABLE NOW.

AUSTRALIA RUBBER DUCK - A giant rubber duck took to the waters of Sydney Harbor in a dawn rehearsal for a Sydney Festival where the harbor will be turned into a giant bathtub. AVAILABLE NOW.

NORTH KOREA GOOGLE - Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt is preparing to travel to one of the last frontiers of cyberspace: North Korea. AVAILABLE NOW.

INDIA AUTHORITIES FILE RAPE, MURDER CHARGES - Indian police prepare to file rape and murder charges against a group of men accused of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old student who later died. AVAILABLE NOW.

PALESTINIAN 'SPEED SISTERS' - The Speed Sisters are the only female rally driving racing team in the Middle East and they are gaining more respect with each appearance. AVAILABLE NOW.




HOUGH TALKS TO COSMOPOLITAN - Julianne Hough talks to Cosmopolitan during her first cover shoot for the magazine. AVAILABLE NOW.

MORGAN AND JAMES ON 'MERLIN' - Colin Morgan and Bradley James talk about their relationship in 'Merlin.' AVAILABLE NOW.

LAMBERT MAKES VIETNAM CONCERT DEBUT - Singer Adam Lambert meets press ahead of first concert in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City. AVAILABLE NOW.

COULBY AND MCGRATH ON 'MERLIN' - Actors Angel Coulby and Katie McGrath talk about getting to be evil in the final series of 'Merlin.' AVAILABLE NOW.




DUBAI GOLD - Last year, Dubai traded 1,200 tons of gold, worth a total of $56 billion. Traders are flocking to the city to claim part of the profit. AVAILABLE NOW.

LUXURY ECO HOTEL - Merging reclaimed materials and art, a Taipei, Taiwan, hotel has 'up-cycled' trash into a chic design space. AVAILABLE NOW.

WHEELCHAIR FASHION - A group of Australian design students have created a clothing collection for people that use wheelchairs. AVAILABLE NOW.


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