Marvel's Young Avengers face battle in deadly game


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Marvel's younger heroes have dealt with life-threatening challenges before in the pages of "Young Avengers" from foes earthbound and beyond.

Now, in "Avengers Arena" they're squaring off against each other, costume-clad pawns in a deadly game they've no control over and no hope of escaping from in the series from Marvel Comics that is out Wednesday.

Writer Dennis Hopeless calls the story a look at the individual characters, including Mettle, X-23 and Darkhawk, among others, and a chance to glean what type of heroes they could be, provided they survive.

And if comparisons to "The Hunger Games" or the film "Battle Royale," arise that's OK, he says, but ultimately the series is about individuals learning who they are and what they're willing to do to survive.

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