Report: test on late Turkish leader inconclusive

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey's state-run news agency says authorities investigating former President Turgut Ozal's death in office in April 1993 have found traces of toxic material in samples from his exhumed body but could not conclude he died of poisoning.

Forensic experts exhumed Ozal's body in October and tested samples for possible poisoning after an official report concluded that his death was suspicious.

The Anadolu Agency, quoting from a forensic report submitted to prosecutors, said Wednesday that "cadmium and DDT" were detected in Ozal's body but that officials could not say the cause of death was poisoning.

Prosecutors have not made the report public, and it was unclear whether the autopsy had concluded what caused Ozal's death.

Family members have long said the president might have been poisoned.

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