Mexico tests DNA from Jenni Rivera plane crash

MONTERREY, Mexico (AP) — Mexican authorities are performing DNA tests on remains believed to be those of singer Jenni Rivera and six other people who died when her plane went down in northern Mexico early Sunday.

Human remains found in the wreckage have been moved to a hospital in Monterrey, the closest major city to the crash.

Investigators say it will take days to piece together the wreckage of the plane and find out why it went down.

Authorities have started looking into the history of the plane's owner, Starwood Management of Las Vegas. Another of its planes was seized in September by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Rivera, who was born in California, became a superstar in Mexican music. She was also known for talking openly about her struggles to give a good life to her children despite a series of setbacks.

She recently filed for divorce from her third husband, former Major League pitcher Esteban Loaiza (loh-EYE'-zuh).

Her fans have been setting up shrines to her in cities in Mexico and in California.

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099-a-16-(Juan Rivera, brother of Mexican music star Jenni Rivera, reading statement to reporters)-"to stay strong"-Juan Rivera says his family is doing the best it can in a difficult situation. (11 Dec 2012)

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097-a-12-(Pedro Rivera Jr., brother of singer Jenni Rivera, speaking to reporters)-"was bringing change"-Pedro Rivera, Jr. says his sister was a voice against abuse that resonated with Latina women. (11 Dec 2012)

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APPHOTO MXHM106: Signs of support, photos and candles that were placed by fans of U.S.-born singer Jenni Rivera stand at the gates of the Arena Monterrey, where Jenni Rivera held her last concert in Monterrey, Mexico, Monday Dec. 10, 2012. U.S. authorities confirmed Monday that Rivera, a U.S.-born singer whose soulful voice and openness about her personal troubles made her a Mexican-American superstar, was killed in a plane crash early Sunday in northern Mexico. (AP Photo/Hans Maximo Musielik) (10 Dec 2012)

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APPHOTO LA103: In this photo released Monday, Dec. 10, 2012, by Indomina Media, shows singer and actress Jenni Rivera during the filming of her upcoming movie "Filly Brown." The film "Filly Brown" is expected to be released on the Spring of 2013. Rivera's life was cut short at its peak on Sunday by an airplane crash in northern Mexico that also killed six friends and co-workers. (AP Photo/Indomina Media) (10 Dec 2012)

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