Christian community organizes prayer for shot Swedish church worker

LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) — Hundreds of Christians have attended a prayer rally in Lahore, Pakistan, where a Swedish church worker was shot Monday by an unknown assailant on a motorcycle.

Bargetta Emmi, who's believed to be in her 70's, was getting out of a car in front of her home when she was shot in the neck. She was taken to a local hospital where she was said to be "fighting for her life."

At the prayer rally, Christians chanted "Give her a new life" as they held up her poster. Senior Pastor Nida Fazal said they prayed that Emmi will recover so she can complete "her life's mission to serve others."

Bargetta Emmi has spent 38 years in Pakistan as the managing director of the technical school of the Full Gospel Assemblies.

The gunman who shot Emmi escaped, and the motive for the attack is unclear.

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