Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we are working on for 12/05/2012

Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we are working on for 12/05/2012:



READY FOR ROMANCE - Canoeists gather mistletoe from riverbanks, in what's become a romantic holiday tradition. See Regional - South.

DRIVING DOGS - Can a dog drive a car? With a little help from handlers, three canines have jumped behind the wheel in New Zealand. See International




FISCAL CLIFF LATEST - President Obama addresses a business roundtable, as 'fiscal cliff' talks continue. House Speaker John Boehner also comments following a Republican party conference.

FISCAL CLIFF FALLOUT - Small business owners talk about their fears if a deal is not reached on the 'fiscal cliff.'

DANGEROUS DECORATIONS - Consumer group demonstrates dangerous Christmas decorations, which can trigger a tree or house fire.




NY, SUBWAY DEATH - Police say a suspect has implicated himself in a fatal New York subway attack.

CA, LA PORT REOPENS - Agreement ends eight-day strike that crippled the nation's largest port complex and held up billions of dollars of goods.

KY, POLICE VIDEO SHOWS MAN FOUND IN TRUNK - Dashcam shows police rescuing kidnap victim from trunk of car during a traffic stop. AVAILABLE NOW.

AK, FBI RELEASES TAPE OF CONFESSED SERIAL KILLER - FBI releases video interview with confessed serial killer Israel Keyes, hoping for new information about him. AVAILABLE NOW.

IL, TWINKIE GIVEAWAY - A Chicago restaurant gives away 10,000 Twinkies and other Hostess-brand products it snapped up when the baker shut down.




ROYAL PREGNANCY - AP is covering the latest developments after the Duchess of Cambridge was hospitalized with acute morning sickness.

Already Available


TYPHOON BOPHA KILLS MORE THAN 200 - Nearly 300 people are dead and scores missing after Typhoon Bopha lashed the Philippines. AVAILABLE NOW.

RUSSIAN VOLCANO ERUPTS SHOOTING ASH INTO SKY - A volcano in Russia's far east is spewing ash and smoke over 2 miles into the sky. AVAILABLE NOW.

SYDNEY FIREFIGHTERS BATTLE BUSHFIRES - High temperatures and strong winds fan bushfires burning in three Australian states. AVAILABLE NOW.

STUDENT BRINGS HAND GRENADE TO CLASS - An Australian school was evacuated after a student brought a grenade to 'show and tell.' AVAILABLE NOW.

NZ ANIMAL GROUP TEACHING DOGS TO DRIVE - Three dogs have been trained to drive a car, with help from their handlers. AVAILABLE NOW.




ERIC BANA TALKS ABOUT NEW THRILLER 'DEADFALL' - Eric Bana plays a gun-toting psychopath in the new thriller 'Deadfall.' AVAILABLE NOW.

JAKE GYLLENHAAL TURNS TOUGH COP - Jake Gyllenhaal plays a tough cop in the new thriller 'End of Watch.' AVAILABLE NOW.

HUGH HEFNER, FIANCEE OBTAIN MARRIAGE LICENCE - File video of Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris are expected to wed later this month. AVAILABLE NOW.

ACTRESS ON BUZZ SURROUNDING BIN LADEN MOVIE - Jessica Chastain talks about her role in 'Zero Dark Thirty.' AVAILABLE NOW.

'THE BODYGUARD' COMES TO THE STAGE - The movie classic 'The Bodyguard' is being revived on stage in London's West End. AVAILABLE NOW.




LOUVRE OPENS SISTER MUSEUM IN FORMER MINING TOWN - A branch of the world famous Paris museum opens in a former coal mining town in northern France. AVAILABLE NOW.

MONGOLIA MINING - Chinese demand for coal has sparked a mining boom in Mongolia, but an influx of cheap Chinese labor is raising resentment. AVAILABLE NOW.

SARAJEVO'S STRAY DOG POPULATION SOARING - Thousands of stray dogs are roaming the Bosnian capital, with attacks on residents increasing. AVAILABLE NOW.

AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINALS TRACKING CLIMATE CHANGE - Australia's traditional land owners are working with scientists to document seasonal weather patterns and help predict climate change. AVAILABLE NOW.


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