Author's request for six-word comments on race sparks big response

WASHINGTON (AP) — If you were asked to sum up your thoughts on race and identity, and could only use six words, what would you say? It seems that thousands of Americans are having no trouble expressing their feelings in that format, based on the responses coming in to the Race Card Project.

It was started by author and National Public Radio host Michele (MEE'-shehl) Norris, who had written a book about racial secrets in her family, and wanted to explore the social atmosphere after the election of America's first black president.

Among the 12,000 responses sent in by postcard: "You know my race. Not ME!" ''Chinese or American? Does it matter." Or "When did your family come here?"

Norris says, despite all the talk about post-racial America, race relations are always changing. She says the best way to make it comfortable is to keep the dialogue open.

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