Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we are working on for 12/03/2012

Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we are working on for 12/03/2012:



PAPAL TWEETS - The pope will begin tweeting from (at)Pontifex later this month. See International.

CHANGING TASTES - American-style street food trucks offering burgers and tacos are a hit in Paris - the home of haute cuisine. See International.




WOMEN'S PRISON ORCHESTRA THRIVES BEHIND BARS - Inmates at an Alaska women's prison have found an artistic outlet - classical music. Some are even returning to play with the orchestra after they are released. AVAILABLE NOW.




CLINTON WARNS SYRIA ON CHEMICAL WEAPONS - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warns Syria not to use chemical weapons against rebels. See International.

CABINET RESHUFFLE LOOMS - President Obama is poised to announce a series of Cabinet and other appointments that'll amount to a major makeover for his second term.




CA, THIRD STORM DRENCHES NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - Rain and strong winds again pound northern California, but damage is limited. AVAILABLE NOW

(Note: Further update expected).

VT/AK, 'SERIAL KILLER' INVESTIGATION - Vermont police hold news conference after a man linked to seven murders commits suicide in an Alaska jail.

LA, EXPLOSIVES EVACUATIONS - A small town is being evacuated after about 6 million pounds of explosive material were found stored illegally.

DC, CELLPHONE SECURITY - Washington, D.C. police hope new 'bricking' technology that renders stolen cellphones useless will cut crime rates.

ME, SKIING SANTAS RAISE MONEY FOR CHARITY - Nearly 300 skiers and snowboarders dress as Santa to raise money for a toy drive (Dec 2.) AVAILABLE NOW.




CZECH REP CLINTON WARNS ON SYRIA - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warns the US will act if Syrian forces resort to chemical weapons. AVAILABLE NOW.

TURKEY-SYRIA - Syrian warplanes resume their attack on a town close to the Turkish border. AVAILABLE NOW.

EGYPT PREPARES FOR CONTROVERSIAL REFERENDUM - Protests continue in Tahrir Square over draft constitution. AVAILABLE NOW.

ENVOYS MEET ON NORTH KOREA'S ROCKET PLANS - US, South Korean, Japanese and Chinese envoys meet to discuss planned rocket test. AVAILABLE NOW.

JAPAN TUNNEL - Debris is cleared from scene of deadly tunnel collapse as inspections are ordered of other road tunnels across Japan. AVAILABLE NOW.

VATICAN TWITTER - The Vatican announces the pope will start tweeting from his handle (at)Pontifex on December 12. AVAILABLE NOW.




KENNEDY CENTER HONORS - Dustin Hoffman, Dave Letterman and Led Zeppelin were among the honorees at the annual Kennedy Center awards. AVAILABLE NOW.

SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS - Colin Farrell and director Martin McDonagh talk about their violent comedy "Seven Psychopaths".




FRANCE FAST FOOD TRUCKS - American-style street food trucks are catching on in Paris, where burgers and tacos are tempting French food lovers.

GIANT KOALA UP FOR SALE - A giant koala tourist attraction is up for sale in Australia. The 14-meter fiberglass statue is nicknamed 'Sam.'

ITALIAN SCHOOL REPLACES BOOKS WITH IPADS - A school near Milan has taken all textbooks away from students and replaced them with iPads.

TEACHING ROBOTS TO DO THE HOUSEWORK - Swedish scientists are using crowdsourcing to teach robots how to clean the home.


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