Missouri winner to be named today

DEARBORN, Mo. (AP) — Lottery officials in Missouri are planning to identify the winner of half of Wednesday night's Powerball jackpot at a news conference this morning.

The person who bought the ticket at a Missouri convenience store will split the jackpot with a lucky ticket-holder in Arizona. Each would get about $192 million in a lump sum, before taxes.

There's a lot of excitement in the Missouri community of Dearborn, where the ticket was purchased. One man who bought his ticket at the same convenience store says he made an extra trip back to his mother's home to make sure that the ticket he left on her counter wasn't, in fact, the winner.

The store owner says the winner might not be a local resident, since the store is located along a busy highway connecting Kansas City to the Canadian border. He says it might be a truck driver.

The Arizona winner has yet to come forward.

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117-a-11-(Baron Hartell (hahr-TEHL'), corporate manager, Trex Mark, with reporters)-"good Christmas, obviously"-Baron Hartell, a corporate manager for the Trex Mark convenience store where a winning Powerball ticket was sold, says this is big news in Dearborn, Missouri. (30 Nov 2012)

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113-a-05-(Joe Renke (REHN'-kee), customer at Trex Mart where a winning Powerball ticket was sold, with reporters)-"whoever won it"-This convenience store customer, Joe Renke, says he was certain he'd be the one who'd win Wednesday's huge Powerball jackpot. (30 Nov 2012)

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116-a-07-(Chris Nauerz (NOW'-urz), store manager, Trex Mart where a winning Powerball ticket was sold, with reporters)-"the big one"-Chris Nauerz, the store manager at the Trex Mart store where a winning Powerball ticket was sold, says he was too busy to get a ticket for himself. (30 Nov 2012)

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APPHOTO MOOW103: An unidentified customer walks out of the Trex Mart convenience store, right, while manager Chris Nauerz, left, and son of the owner Baron Hartell stand outside, in Dearborn, Mo., Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012. Lottery officials confirmed Thursday that one of two winning Powerball tickets sold before Wednesday's drawing was bought at a Trex Mart convenience store in Dearborn. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner) (29 Nov 2012)

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