Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we're working on for 12/1/2012-12/2/2012:




OBAMA ADDRESS (SAT) - President Obama's weekly address is expect to focus on the fiscal cliff.

WIKILEAKS TRIAL (SAT/SUN) - Testimony continues at military hearing into charges against 'Wikileaks' accused Bradley Manning.

WEST COAST STORMS (SAT) - A series of storms is expected to bring further flooding and strong winds to northern California.

BECKHAM'S LAST GAME (SAT) - Soccer superstar David Beckham will play his last match for LA Galaxy.

USS ENTERPRISE RETIRES (SAT) - Thousands are expected to bid farewell to the USS Enterprise, the world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

KENNEDY CENTER HONORS (SUN) - Dustin Hoffman, David Letterman and Led Zeppelin are among the seven Kennedy Centre honorees.




WORLD AIDS DAY (SAT) - Activists in South Africa dressed in red t-shirts form a human chain in an attempt to create the world's longest AIDS ribbon.

MEXICO INAUGURATION (SAT) - President Enrique Pena Nieto will give a speech at Mexico's National Palace at his inauguration.

EGYPT UNREST (SAT) - The Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups have called a rally in support of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.

CHINA LUXURY YACHTS (SAT) - Wealthy mainland Chinese have traditionally splurged on items on such as designer clothes and fancy cars, some are now turning their attention to something bigger: luxury yachts.

APP REVELAS SUN DAMAGE ON SKIN (SAT) - With a new app called The Sun Effects Booth, people can learn what their skin could look like with sun exposure without protection.

CHRISTMAS NOUGAT CELEBRATED IN ITALIAN FESTIVAL (SAT) - In Italy, the Christmas season hinges upon a chewy, almond sweet called torrone. Every November, thousands flock to the birthplace of the 500-year old nougat and stock up during a popular festival.

SYRIA (SAT/SUN) - Fierce fighting continues between Syrian rebels and regime loyalists amid ongoing international efforts to stem the bloodshed.

EGYPT RULING (SUN) - Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court rules on whether to dissolve the constituent assembly which passed a draft constitution in a rushed marathon vote that further inflamed the conflict between the opposition and President Morsi.

CAR MAKERS HAVE EYES ON CHINA (SUN) - South Korea's carmakers - traditionally suppliers to the U.S. market - are gearing up for the Chinese market as sales in the West slow down.

MODEL PLANE CLUB TAKES OFF IN CAIRO (SUN) - More than two hundred people are now on the books for a model plane club in Egypt that started two years ago.

THE ART OF THE TRADITIONAL IRAQ ABAYA DRESS (SUN) - Weavers in Baghdad are still producing traditional Arab Abaya dresses using the same looms and tools that have been used for generations.

'BUSH TUCKER" CAFE OPENS IN SYDNEY (SUN) - Wattle seed pancakes and kangaroo pie are not the kind of dishes you would expect to see on a restaurant menu.


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