Here is an update on AP Video-US stories expected or available for 11/28/2012:



POWERBALL PREPARATIONS - The manager of tonight's Powerball draw takes AP behind the scenes as the balls are readied for of tonight's jackpot. See National.

FOUR-TON TRANSFORMER - A giant piloted robot unveiled in Japan looks like it comes straight out of 'Transformers.' See International.

URBAN COYOTES - More coyotes are calling Chicago home, with several photographed near Wrigley Field. See Regional - Central.




RHINO POACHING A DEADLY DILEMMA - Poaching of rhino in South Africa is soaring, with new figures showing around 600 will be slaughtered this year. Wildlife experts warn the animals could become extinct unless the government declares war on the criminal gangs behind the trade. AVAILABLE NOW.




HOW THE POWERBALL DRAW HAPPENS - Tonight's Powerball draw manager talks about preparations and security as the balls are readied in Florida. AVAILABLE NOW.

OBAMA HOPES TO HAVE FISCAL DEAL BY CHRISTMAS - President Obama says a framework on a fiscal deal can be reached by Christmas. AVAIABLE NOW.

GOP: AVOIDING CLIFF MEANS WORKING WITH PRESIDENT - Republican leaders say they want to work with President, but spending must be addressed. AVAILABLE NOW.

CARNEY ON OBAMA-ROMNEY LUNCH - White House Press Secretary comments on tomorrow's lunch between President Obama and Mitt Romney. AVAILABLE NOW.

DEADLY WORKSHOP - AP has found evidence a factory in Bangladesh where 112 workers died was producing garments for a host of US companies.

ABBAS IN NY FOR UN VOTE - Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas arrives in New York ahead of a vote on raising Palestinian status at the UN. AVAILABLE NOW. (Note: Photo opportunity expected after 1800 eastern)

BP ARRAIGNMENT - A BP rig supervisor says he is innocent of manslaughter, as two oil company employees are arraigned on criminal charges.

WHITE HOUSE CHRISTMAS - The first lady hosts military families for a viewing of the White House Christmas decorations.




NY, NANNY PLEADS NOT GUILTY - A nanny is arraigned for killing two children in her charge. An AP reporter was at the bedside hearing. AVAILABLE NOW.

NY, CHRISTIE: SANDY DAMAGE ESTIMATE 'REALISTIC' - New Jersey governor says $36.8 billion estimate of superstorm damage is realistic. AVAILABLE NOW.

NY, BUS PLOWS INTO HOME, KILLS CHILD - A bus driver trying to avoid hitting a pedestrian ran into a Long Island home, killing a 6-year-old. AVAILABLE NOW.

GA, POWERBALL PLAYER: I WOULD SHARE WEALTH - Powerball players in Atlanta explain what they would do with the $500m jackpot. AVAILABLE NOW.

CA, OYSTERMAN, ENVIRONMENTALISTS FACE OFF - The Interior Secretary is expected to decide next week if oyster farming can continue on a strip of national seashore in California. AVAILABLE NOW.

CA, COUNSELOR CHARGED WITH DUI, MURDER - An addiction counselor is charged with murder and DUI, after driving two miles with the victim on her windscreen. AVAILABLE NOW.

IL, URBAN COYOTES - Coyotes are photographed near Wrigley Field, as the animals become more accustomed to living in urban Chicago.

NY, EMPIRE STATE LIGHTS - New LED lights have been installed to illuminate the Empire State Building at night.

NY, ROCKEFELLER CHRISTMAS TREE - The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza is switched on tonight.

CA, LA AUTO SHOW - What's hot at the LA auto show-- from luxury cars to the latest eco-friendly autos.

MA, MAN WITH WORLD'S LARGEST UPPER ARMS - A Massachusetts man has 31-inch biceps - now officially the world's biggest. AVAILABLE NOW.




EGYPT CLASHES - Police clash with protesters in Tahrir Square as demonstrators continue anti-Morsi sit in. AVAILABLE NOW.

MIDEAST UN - Gazans rally as excitement builds over UN vote on raising Palestinian status at the world body. AVAILABLE NOW.

SYRIA CLUSTERBOMB ATTACK - Video said to show cluster bomb attack and downed Syrian aircraft. AVAILABLE NOW.

SYRIA BLASTS - Twin car bombs hit Damascus suburb, killing at least 34 people. AVAILABLE NOW.

HUGH GRANT URGES UK PM TO ACT ON PRESS - Actor Hugh Grant urges British PM to regulate press in wake of hacking scandal. AVAILABLE NOW.

DR CONGO M23 REBELS - M23 rebels remain in Sake a day after saying they would withdraw from the town. AVAILABLE NOW.

US ASTRONAUT, COSMONAUTS TRAIN - US and Canadian astronauts join Russian colleagues in training at Star City, near Moscow. AVAILABLE NOW.

AUSTRALIA ALGAE - Sydney beaches closed as red algae turns water into 'tomato soup.' AVAILABLE NOW.




'THE HOBBIT' PREMIERES IN NEW ZEALAND - The world premiere of 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' is held in Wellington. AVAILABLE NOW.

PSY NEWS CONFERENCE AHEAD OF BANGKOK SHOW - Korean rapper Psy says he will never beat the success of 'Gangnam Style.' AVAILABLE NOW.

RYCROFT AND DOVOLANI WIN DANCING WITH STARS - Melissa Rycroft and tony Dovolani win the DWTS All Stars season. AVAILABLE NOW.

PERRY, GOMEZ DAZZLE AT UNICEF BALL - Selena Gomez and Katy Perry sparkle at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball in New York. AVAILABLE NOW.




FIRST PILOTED SUPER ROBOT GOES ON SHOW - It looks like something out of 'Transformers.' A giant four-ton robot, piloted from a cockpit inside. AVAILABLE NOW.

RUSSIA GORKY PARK SKATING - It's a Moscow winter tradition. Thousands take to the ice in Gorky Park, which is transformed into Europe's largest ice-skating rink. AVAILABLE NOW.

UK ULTRASOUND SCANS - A new report says simple ultrasound checks could help save infant lives. AVAILABLE NOW.

ART BEYOND BORDERS: A PALESTINIAN ARTIST'S JOURNEY - A Palestinian regularly takes the risk of sneaking across the security barrier from the West Bank to Jerusalem to exhibit his art. AVAILABLE NOW.


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