Here is an update on AP Video-US stories either expected or available for 11/27/2012

Here is an update on AP Video-US stories either expected or available for 11/27/2012:




POWERBALL PITFALLS - A massive lottery win can bring with it financial and family pressures. See National.

WOMEN IN COMBAT - Servicewomen launch a lawsuit aimed at overturning the ban on women in combat. See Regional - West.




CELEBRITIES RACE FOR A PIECE OF THE RETAIL PIE - It seems everyone has a product line of something these days. Whether you are a reality star or at the top of the A-list, celebrity brands are popping up everywhere, but it takes more than a famous name to rake in the big bucks. AVAILABLE NOW.




'FISCAL CLIFF' TALKS CONTINUE - President Obama meets small business owners as negotiations over the 'fiscal cliff' continue.

POWERBALL FEVER - The $500m Powerball jackpot may yet increase, as people rush to buy tickets in tomorrow's draw.

RICE FACES CRITICS - UN ambassador Susan Rice meets her critics in Congress as some soften their opposition to her possible nomination as Secretary of State.




GA, ALMOST BAD LUCK TO WIN LOTTERY - Some Georgia residents aren't buying tickets for the $500m powerball lottery, saying they would rather save their hard earned money. AVAILABLE NOW.

NY, PATH STATION DAMAGE - A look inside the PATH station where flooding caused by Superstorm Sandy was caught on security cameras.

NY, GAY 'CONVERSION' LAWSUIT - Landmark lawsuit will level fraud charges against a group that claims it can 'convert' gay men to a heterosexual lifestyle.

OH, MISSING BOY - Police have arrested the mother of a missing three-year-old after a body was found at a waste processing site. AVAILABLE NOW.

IN, HOMES DEMOLISHED - Demolition crews start to clean up after a gas blast destroyed several suburban homes in Indianapolis. AVAILABLE NOW.

CA, WOMEN IN COMBAT - Female military personnel file a lawsuit challenging the rules that ban women from frontline combat roles. AVAILABLE NOW.

CA, PEDESTRIAN STRUCK - Police say a DUI suspect drove more than two miles with the victim on her hood. AVAILABLE NOW.




EGYPT PROTESTS - Protesters are injured in clashes with police ahead of anti-Morsi demonstrations.

MIDEAST ARAFAT - Former PLO chief Yasser Arafat's body is exhumed to check for any traces of poisoning, before being reburied with military honors.

GREECE BAILOUT - Mixed reactions as the Eurozone ministers and the IMF reach agreement on the latest Greek bailout.

BELGIUM MILK PROTEST - Dairy farmers are expected to continue protests which saw riot police doused with milk.

CHERNOBYL CONTAINMENT - Workers have raised the first section of a giant arch-shaped structure that will eventually encase the crippled reactor.

AUSTRALIA CRANE COLLAPSE - A construction crane catches fire and collapses onto a Sydney rooftop - with the incident caught on camera.

SOUTH AMERICAN POLE DANCING CHAMPION - A Brazilian wins the South American pole dancing contest, with both male and females performing. AVAILABLE





WHEATLEY TALKS ABOUT HIS HORROR COMEDY - Holidaying in England may never be seen in the same way again thanks to a new film by director Ben Wheatley called 'Sightseers.' AVAILABLE NOW.

BRAD PITT PREMIERES 'KILLING THEM SOFTLY' - Brad Bitt and Ray Liotta on red carpet for premiere of 'Killing them Softly' in New York. AVAILABLE NOW.

THAI PRISONERS TAKE ON 'GANGNAM STYLE' - Male prisoners dance 'Gangnam Style' ahead of Bangkok visit by rapper Psy. AVAILABLE NOW.

'DANCING WITH STARS' CONTESTANTS TALK ABOUT FINAL - Finalists in 'Dancing with the Stars - All Stars' talk about the live finals. AVAILABLE NOW.

AWARD SEASON KICKS OFF WITH GOTHAM AWARDS - Matt Damon, Jack Black, Mark Duplass and Marion Cotillard talk at the Gothams. AVAILABLE NOW.




IRAN LUXURY CARS - Despite crippling international sanctions, the demand for luxury cars remains high in Iran.

POLAND MEDIEVAL TORTURE - A gruesome selection of fifty medieval torture devices has gone on display in Warsaw.

UK HOSPITAL VOLUNTEERS - Volunteers known as 'maternity buddies' are being used to help patients at understaffed maternity wards.

AUSTRALIA RETIRED RACE HORSES - Former race horses are being given a new lease of life through a special retraining program in Australia.


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