AP Video-US stories expected from Thursday, 11/22/2012 - Sunday, 11/25/2012

Due to Thanksgiving holiday, this outlook covers AP Video-US stories expected from Thursday, 11/22/2012 - Sunday, 11/25/2012.

During this period there will be no daily outlooks, so please check the AP Video-US site for regular updates and breaking news.

Happy Thanksgiving from the AP Video-US team!




MAINE ELEPHANTS (FRI) - Two retired circus elephants now call Maine home after a veterinarian built an elephant rehabilitation center at his home.




MIDEAST CRISIS REACTION (THURS-SUN) - AP will have the latest US diplomatic reaction to the ongoing crisis in the Middle East. Also see Other/International.

THANKSGIVING PARADE (THURS) - Highlights of the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

SANDY THANKSGIVING (THURS) - New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo meets families hard-hit by Super storm Sandy as they mark Thanksgiving.

STORES OPEN EARLY (THURS) - Stores throw their doors open on Thanksgiving as Black Friday kicks off early.

BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING (FRI) - The annual Black Friday shopping rush sees stores packed across the nation.

US POLITICS (SUN) - Latest political reaction on 'fiscal cliff' talks and the situation in the Middle East from Sunday talk shows.




MIDEAST CRISIS (THURS-SUN) - AP crews in Gaza, Israel and Egypt will deliver regular updates on the crisis, together with worldwide diplomatic reaction.

EU SUMMIT (THURS-FRI) - Summit of European Heads of State and Government are set to approve the 2014-2020 budget.

JAPAN NUCLEAR ROBOT (THURS) - First four-legged robot could help emergency workers during nuclear disasters. See Lifestyle/Health/Technology.

RUSSIA TRAIN JUMPING (THURS) - Young Russians get thrills from illegal train riding. See Lifestyle/Health/Technology.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES CLIMATE CHANGE (THURS) - States in the Arabian Gulf act on climate change ahead of Doha climate conference. See Lifestyle/Health/Technology.

UAE JEWELRY EXPO - All that glitters at a major jewelry expo in Dubai. See Lifestyle/Health/Technology.

THAILAND PROTEST (SAT) - A huge anti-government rally is expected in Bangkok.


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