Woman with child drives on Phoenix airport runway

PHOENIX (AP) — Last's night's incident at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport isn't the first involving vehicles crashing through gates or fences and getting onto its runways.

In 2005 a man being chased by police crashed a stolen pickup through a gate and drove onto the runways, passing several jets on a taxiway.

In 2003, two teens in a stolen car crashed through a perimeter fence and drove on to the airfield.

After the 2005 incident, Sky Harbor spent $10 million to upgrade its perimeter security and access gates.

Last night, a woman driving with a small child in her car crashed through one of the airport's gates and drove on to the runway.

Phoenix police say the woman rammed the gate around 10 p.m. Officers forced the car to stop after a few minutes and detained the driver. The driver and the child were not injured but police say the woman may have been impaired.

Airport operations were stopped for about 15 minutes because of the incident.

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